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Hi! I'm Chin! I write music, engineer music, produce music, direct videos, film videos, edit videos, and everything in between. I make songs almost everyday and will consistently drop them every month. I'm creative with what I do and I hope everyone enjoys! Be sure to follow everywhere you can for updates!

Everyday I live my dream, getting closer and closer to where I want to be. I learned that anything is possible and life is something very special that is given to you, so why let it go to waste? Nothing is more important than being yourself and doing what you feel is right. 

Who is chin?

Chin is a full time artist who lives in a normal town in the suburbs. After being to hell and back, Chin decided that he was going to make something of his life and started taking up music as his career. Writing new music everyday, Chin is always in the studio and loves doing what he does. He has many stories to tell through his music and he looks to inspire others. Everyday is an opportunity. What will you do with yours?

True Music Entertainment

By Chin

TrueMusicEntertainment is all about bringing a good, fun and motivational sound  to music. Created/ran by Chin, T.M.E. is producing tracks you would definitely want to add to your playlist! New content every month. 

Where it all started... i wonder where i
Coming up from the basement studio to some official shit.
lyf and friends performance.JPG
lyf and friend performance 2.JPG


Be sure to follow both youtube accounts. True Music Entertainment and Chin. 

The True Music Entertainment channel will contain all Music and Music Videos.

Chin's personal channel will contain all the documentaries, studio vlogs, skits, behind the scene videos, and more!


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